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New/old short story: Squad D
  • imageStephen King's "Squad D," a legendary previously unpublished story, will appear in Shivers VIII from Cemetery Dance next year.

    Table of Contents:
    "Squad D" by Stephen King
    "Gamma" by Laird Barron
    "Hoarder" by Kealan Patrick Burke
    "The Shrieking Woman" by Bev Vincent
    "The Blue Cat" by Keith Minnion
    "Gorilla in my Room" by Jack Ketchum
    "The Chair" by Bentley Little
    "Eyes Like Poisoned Wells" by Ian Rogers
    "Above the Buried City" by Daniel Braum
    "Open Wound" by Darrell Speegle
    "Spice" by David Gerrold
    "Dearly Beloved" by Bruce McAllister
    "The Hour In Between" by Adam Troy-Castro
    "Always and Forever" by Greg Kishbaugh
    "Autophagy" by Ray Garton
    "Sexual Exploration Is a Crime" by Alan Peter Ryan
    "Lucien's Tale" by David Niall Wilson
    "The Carbon Dreamer" by Jack Dann
    "A House for the Wee Ones" by Michael M. Hughes
    "Mama's Sleeping" by Brian James Freeman