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Movies/TV series watched in 2017
    1. Manchester By the Sea
    2. Barry (Netflix)
    3. Paranoid (Netflix)
    4. La La Land
    5. The Kettering Incident (Amazon)
    6. Hidden Figures
    7. Hush (Netflix)
    8. Oculus (iTunes)
    9. Absentia (iTunes)
    10. Ouija: Origin of Evil (iTunes)
    11. Oculus: Chapter 3 (short film)
    12. The Investigator (Netflix) :-q
    13. Victoria (PBS)
    14. The Book of Love (UVerse)
    15. The Break (Netflix)
    16. The Santa Clarita Diet (Netflix)
    17. Youth in Oregon  (UVerse)
    18. Fried Green Tomatoes (iTunes)
    19. O Brother, Where Art Thou? (iTunes)
    20. The Dressmaker (iTunes)
    21. Moonlight (iTunes)
    22. Race (HBO)
    23. Homeland
    24. Steven Jobs (HBO)
    25. Before I Wake (DVD)
    26. Fences (iTunes)
    27. She's Beautiful When She's Angry (Netflix)
    28. Occupied (Netflix)
    29. The Light Between Oceans (U-Verse)
    30. Fortitude (Amazon)
    31. A United Kingdom
    32. Jackie (U-verse)
    33. A Man Called Ove (iTunes)
    34. Four Seasons in Havana (Netflix)
    35. Last Chance to See (Netflix)
    36. The Sense of an Ending
    37. Collateral Beauty (U-Verse)
    38. Stephen Fry in America (Netflix)
    39. Hotel Beau Séjour (Netflix)
    40. 20th Century Women (U-Verse)
    41. Miss Sloane (U-Verse)
    42. Dying Laughing (U-Verse)
    43. Going In Style
    44. Hap and Leonard (Sundance)
    45. Twin Peaks (1990; Netflix)
    46. Better Call Saul (AMC)
    47. Five Came Back (Netflix)
    48. Queen of the Desert (U-Verse)
    49. Dad's Army (U-Verse)
    50. The Leftovers Season 3 (HBO)
    51. Beck (Season 5 & 6)
    52. Broadchurch
    53. Deadpool (HBO)
    54. Bosch Season 3 (Amazon)
    55. Fargo Season 3
    56. Genius (National Geographic)
    57. Gifted
    58. Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (U-Verse)
    59. Bill Nye Saves the World (Netflix)
    60. Doctor Who (BBC America)
    61. Anne with an 'E' (Netflix)
    62. Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (iTunes)
    63. The Last Word (iTunes)
    64. Twin Peaks: The Return
    65. Bloodline (Season 3; Netflix)
    66. Wonder Woman 
    67. Wakefield (UVerse) 
    68. The Mist (Spike TV)
    69. Shetland (Netflix)
    70. Beatriz at Dinner
    71. Orange is the New Black (Season 5; Netflix)
    72. The Ranch (Season 3; Netflix)
    73. Orphan Black (Season 5, BBC America)
    74. Baby Driver
    75. Loch Ness (Amazon)
    76. Scott & Bailey (Hulu)
    77. Sour Grapes (Netflix)
    78. Their Finest (iTunes)
    79. Doctor Foster (Netflix)
    80. Bordertown (Netflix)
    81. Certain Women (U-Verse)
    82. Game of Thrones (S7)
    83. The Lava Field (Netflix)
    84. Strange Weather (U-Verse)
    85. Atomic Blonde
    86. Ozark (Netflix)
    87. The Dark Tower
    88. The Zookeeper's Wife (U-Verse)
    89. Fiddler on the Roof  (iTunes)
    90. Mr. Mercedes (U-Verse)
    91. Call the Midwife (Netflix)
    92. An Inconvenient Sequel
    93. Narcos S3 (Netflix)
    94. It (Chapter 1)
    95. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    96. Million Yen Women (Netflix)
    97. Deep Water (Netflix)
    98. Bron -- The Bridge S3 (Hulu)
    99. The Five (Netflix)
    100. The Exorcist: The Next Chapter (NBC)
    101. Une Chance de Trop [No Second Chance] (Netflix)
    102. Paris Can Wait (U-Verse)
    103. The Hero (U-Verse)
    104. The Sinner (USA)
    105. Gerald's Game (Netflix)
    106. The Big Sick (U-Verse)
    107. Score (U-Verse)
    108. Our Souls at Night (Netflix)
    109. Peace, Love...and Misunderstanding (Netflix)
    110. On Golden Pond (Netflix)
    111. Mindhunter (Netflix)
    112. 1922 (Netflix)
    113. Churchill (U-Verse)
    114. Top of the Lake: China Girl (Hulu)
    115. Chance - Season 1 (Hulu)
    116. Stranger Things 2 (Netflix)
    117. Beyond Stranger Things (Netflix)
    118. Too Funny to Fail (Hulu)
    119. Alias Grace (Netflix)
    120. The Orville (Hulu)
    121. Murder on the Orient Express
    122. The Midsomer Murders (Season 1, 2, 3, 4) (Hulu)
    123. Capturing Mary (iTunes)
    124. Lady Bird
    125. Dark (Netflix)
    126. The Game (Amazon)
    127. Mudbound (Netflix)
    128. The Ranch (Netflix)
    129. Tin Star (Amazon)
    130. Victoria and Abdul (U-Verse)
    131. Department Q (Netflix)
  • Oooo!  Great thread idea.

    1) The Autoposy of Jane Doe - nifty bottle type horror flick.

    2) Last Train to Busan - well written Korean zombie apocalypse thriller.

    3) Splinter - Netflix original - intriguing premise about a unique type of ghost set in a war torn country. Solid cast with Bruce Greenwood and James Badge Dale - who I haven't seen since the TV series - Rubicon.

  • 4) River - a Netflix 6 part original series where you get to imagine Joel Haley Osmont's character - Cole Sear from the Sixth Sense grown up to be lonely/tormented police detective. Stellan Skarsgard gives a tour-de-force performance in his performance of the titular character - Det.John River

    River has Seen Dead People his entire life and his curse and his vocation led him to seek escape from human contact as much as possible. His closest friend is his partner and when she is killed, the line between fantasy and reality becomes ever blurred as River struggles to solve the mystery.

    Fantastic supporting cast too. And man - Stellan really sinks his teeth into the role and your heart breaks for River.

    5) The Edge of Seventeen - Hailee Steinfield, who first captured attention in the remake of Rooster Cogburn with Jeff Bridges - gives an excellent performance in this coming of age comedy about an outsider who just can't find her place in the world. Excellent cast including Woody Harrelson as a teacher and he gives a deliciously deadpan performance.

    The picture is funny and really captures the complicated world of adolescence today.
  • I really enjoyed River.
  • I thought Hush was pretty nifty when I watched it last year.
  • I binged through all of Flanagan's movies before interviewing him for CD last week. He's a good, good director.
  • Sweet. Look forward to the interview.
  • What did you think of it? 
  • Really liked it. McAvoy was pretty amazing. It was fun seeing Betty Buckley again.  I could say more but will wait until you have seen it.

    I see Flanagan's Hush won the best Independent Film at the  15th Annual Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards.
  • 6) Hotel Beau Sejour 

    Loved it until the final episode. Didn't buy the reveal at all and the final episode felt rushed and strained to fullfill a checklist of unresolved storypoints.  Too bad because it was a very enjoyable experience until the final episode. I'm glad to have watched it but it's always a bummer when a story doesn't stick the landing to stumble and fall off the mat as hard as this one did.
  • I thought it got a little plot-heavy toward the end, but I enjoyed the overall experience of watching it.
  • You succintly stated in one sentence what my rambling paragraph tried to convey.  =))
  • 7) Logan - the last? and undoubtedly - the best Wolverine movie. Jackman and Stewart give tour-de-force performances.

    8) Guardians of the Galaxy Two - far superior sequel to the first one. This one does some pretty deep dives into several of the characters and Kurt Russell is always fun.

  • 9) Wonder Woman - good not great flick.
    10) Dr Strange - rewatch - fun romp.
    11) Blacklist Season 4 - pretty dull season until the Mr. Kaplan storyline took off.
  • We'd been waiting for the Kaplan story to get going. We figured she was behind all the stuff going on earlier in the season.

    The show, to my way of thinking, has never lived up to the first season. We watch mostly out of inertia these days, I think.
  • Agreed. We too continue to watch out of habit mostly powered by Spader's performance. The show sparked up some interest when the possibility of Liz being killed off was raised but quickly lapsed as she inevitably returned. 
  • 12) American Gods - Season 1 - uneven with way more highs than lows but when it was on, it was on big time.  Really enjoyed Ep7.
  • 13) Magnificent Seven - 2016 version
    Directed by Antoine Fuqua.  Good cast but the movie fell a little flat because the direction never locked into the story/settings/action the way that other westerns directed by Leone, Ford, and Eastwood managed to do.
  • 14) Baby Driver
    15) Spiderman - Homecoming

    Two fun summer flicks
  • i really enjoyed Baby Driver.
  • 16) The Dark Tower
    17) Pitch Perfect 2
    18) Started The Leftovers - ep 1 - heard great things about the second and third seasons. Helluva grim start.
    19) Fargo - first episode - heard really good things about this series too.
  • The Leftovers is grimmish, but fascinating. It's not about solving the mystery but about how you continue to exist in the face of inexplicable loss. I loved it.

    Fargo is terrific, too: Billy Bob Thornton is great in the first season. Carrie Coon from The Leftovers is in Season 3
  • 20) Game of Thrones - Season 7 - exciting but very sloppy. Death has become devalued and the show has gone Hollywood - ie so many last second saves. No doubt, many will say it's the best season ever.

    Especially episode 6 - Beyond The Wall. Ridiculous to send so many vital characters  - a la Magnificent Seven - out on foot to capture a walker when the same thing could be done much easier and more logically by using a dragon.
  • 20) Continued

    This season suffered from not having the books to go off of and needing to start tying up plot points.

    Some amazing visuals for a TV series ie the ice dragon and Little Finger's final fate was sublime.
  • 21) The Leftovers - Season One

    Wow! Haven't been this engaged in a series since Lost and Fringe. Fantastic first season with a very grim concept but man, Lindeloff and Perotta - whose book the series is based on  - did a fantastic job so far. A nice tight 10 episode season with very little fat and Justin Theroux breaks your heart as the series lead.

    Fantastic on so many levels.

    I hear Season Two and Three are even better.

    Plan to check the book out after finishing the series.
  • 22) The Mist - Season One

    Not UTD bad but not far off. Too many Mist inconsistencies, character behaviour pretzels, and the whole church storyline was a major bust.

    The only bright spot was the season finale which left the series at a point roughly congruent to the novella ending. Which is what I hoped the series would have explored at the start.

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