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Truth or Dare
  • I "sold" this story previously, but the terms of the contract expired without me ever getting paid or the issue of the magazine ever appearing, so I withdrew the story from consideration and submitted it to Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, a charity anthology from Necon E-books. All proceeds go to the Jimmy Fund at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Got my acceptance letter yesterday. The book will be launched at Necon in July, which I will be attending.
  • Here's the table of contents:

    Coming soon, the Necon Charity anthology - Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep edited by PD Cacek and Laura J. Hickman and published by Necon Ebooks. All proceeds go to the Jimmy Fund! 

    The cover artwork - Cortney Skinner

    Here is the TOC
    Foreword by Christopher Golden
    Mother and Daughter by Jack Ketchum
    Messages by Errick Nunnally
    Sleepless by Mark Steensland
    The Vacant Lot by Thomas Tessier
    blood, cold like ice by Doungjai Gam (Doungjai Gam Bepko)
    A Life Unremembered by G. Daniel Gunn (Dan Keohane)
    Wired by Elizabeth Massie
    Blue Stars by Tony Tremblay
    Happy Now Mother? by John Buja
    Nina by John M. McIlveen
    Housing the Hollygobs by Marianne Halbert
    Inertia Creeps by Charles Colyottt
    Leave Here Alive by Bracken MacLeod
    Sleep Well by Angi Shearstone
    The Fine Art of Madness by Gary Frank
    The Beach by Cara M. Colyott (Cara Marie)
    Angel Tears by Jill Bauman
    Darkness on the Edge of Town by James A. Moore
    Would You, Could You, In the Dark? by Craig Wolf
    Wishing Won’t by Richard Dansky
    The Phobia Where You’re Afraid of Words by Paul McMahon
    Nightly Rituals by William Carl
    White Wings by Mark Morris
    The Other Side by Paul McNally
    Truth or Dare? by Bev Vincent
    Unexpected Attraction by Matthew Costello
    The Ritual Remains by Jonathan Lees
    The End of All Stories by Trevor Firetog
    Duality by Brian Keene
    The Lake Children by Izzy Lee
    The Circus Under the Bed by T.J. Wooldridge (Trisha Wooldridge)
    1-2-3 Red Light by Gregory Norris
    The Old Men Know by Charles L. Grant
    The Oldest Fear by Shikar Dixitby
    Anthology will be released at Necon
  • I'm interviewed about my short story in Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep for the Taco Society Presents. My part starts at the 29:16 mark.
  • "Usually a simple, sometimes embarrassing, occasionally humiliating game. Usually it isn't injurious, seldom fatal. But when one of the players has a nasty agenda and the ability to back it up, the consequences can be horrifying. A really scary tale." -- The Haunted Reading Room

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