I guess it all evens out

I now have a publicist for The Dark Tower Companion. He introduced himself to me via e-mail last night. He has a few extra galleys to send my way, so if anyone (USA only, alas) out there is a blogger/reviewer with a platform and would be interested in requesting a copy for review, let me know. I’ll need your name, mailing address, e-mail address and your proposed venue (blog, review site, magazine). The publicist is exploring the possibility of having an eGalley for international reviewers, but that’s not finalized yet.

Interesting developments on Justified this week. We were treated to a brief scene with Winona, a great scene between Boyd and Raylan (locked in a box together), the return of Constable Bob and an appearance by another Deadwood alum. There were some great surprises: the scene where Wynn Duffy didn’t flinch, and finding Boyd in the box after Raylan was tossed in. Another corrupt federal agent (that’s getting to be a little tired), but at least they don’t have long lifespans after they’re exposed as such. Raylan’s first encounter with Josiah Cairn was funny (Cairn: You can’t do this! Raylan: Sure I can. As long as I’ve got gas.) but it turns out Cairn was a step ahead of him and Boyd, at least for now. For a while I entertained the theory that Cairn was really the elusive Drew Thompson (mostly on account of it being Gerald McRaney). I’m not convinced that’s the case, but it would be a neat development.

I liked the scenes with Tim. Raylan chides him for his reading material, saying he’s a little old for fantasy novels. “I guess I was a little bit young to be blowing the heads off Taliban,” Tim replies. “I guess it all evens out.” Then he has a few good moments with Colton, who is interested primarily in finding out how the Marshals go about finding someone who doesn’t want to be found.

A developing subplot this season is the growing number of people who want to bring Boyd down. Right now he has Johnny, supported by Wynn, and Shelby, who might use Ellen May’s knowledge. When Boyd was grilling Colton about her last words, I thought he already knew that Colton had messed up, but I guess he didn’t.

Boyd is a rascal, no doubt, but the show wouldn’t be half as good without him. Putting him and Raylan in a box was great, and though the two claim they don’t like each other, you have to wonder. However, I did think the scene where Raylan cuffs Boyd to a tree was poorly executed. Boyd didn’t even struggle and he has demonstrated in the past no hesitation about fighting with Raylan. Favorite line of that situation came from Boyd, after they were shot at and as he was being pulled out of the box by his feet: “I don’t like your plan, Raylan!”

I wonder if that’s all we’ll see of the hill people. (Boyd: I’d whistle the theme song to Deliverance if I though you had a better sense of humor.) A prediction: at some point this season, cats are going to factor into a confrontation with Theo Tonin’s man.

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