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  1. Harming Obsession:
  2. Quietly: Woodlands Writers Guild 2000 writer’s contest (Honorable Mention).
  3. Out of the Blue: The Archives of Arrissia, 23 House (eBook anthology – “Make a Wish” Foundation fundraiser)
  4. Ghost Ship: Suddenly IV, Jackie Pelham, ed., Martin House Press, August, 2001.
  5. Harder
  6. Replay: Royal Aspirations III, Catalyst Press, April 2002
  7. Before the Fall:
  8. Answer Me:The Murder Hole, September 2002
  9. Time and Tide
  10. Dig In: Judas e-zine, November 2002
  11. Death of a Lover: The 3rd Degree, November 2002
  12. The Short, Sad Life of a Blue Ceramic Bowl: Suddenly V (2003), Jackie Pelham, ed., Martin House Press.
  13. Something in Store:
  14. Missing Evvie: The Murder Hole, September 2003
  15. The Doorbell Rang: Dark Krypt, October/November 2003
  16. One of Those Weeks:
  17. Everyone Comes to Rex, In the Outposts of Beyond, November  2003
  18. What David Was Doing When the Lights Went Out
  19. Diver Down
  20. Aeolian Winds, To Troy and Back: An Anthology of Very Short Stories, Essays and Poems Inspired by The Works of Homer, Daniel & Daniel Publishers, January, 2004
  21. The Lady of Lost Lake
  22. Unknown Soldier, All Hallows #36, June 2004
  23. Kane’s Mutiny, Fedora III, Wildside Press, Fall 2004
  24. Music Hath Charms, Amatory Ink, March 2005
  25. Special Delivery
  26. Your Shoes
  27. Motel Hell, Red Scream magazine, Spring 2005
  28. Two Hands, Then Four
    • 2nd place winner, Darkness Descending short story contest
  29. The Smell of Fear, Corpse Blossoms, 2005
  30. Eliza, Here and Now #7, 2006
  31. Garden of Earthly Delights Damned Nation, Hellbound Books, January 2006
  32. Looking Glass (round robin novella), Cemetery Dance Signature Series, 2006
  33. The Deer of St. Barts, Shivers IV, 2006
  34. False Witness, Thou Shalt Not, Dark Cloud Press, 2006
  35. Sufficiently Advanced, Apex Science Fiction and Horror Digest, issue 9, March 2007
  36. Sturm und Drang, A Dark and Deadly Valley, Silverthought Press, June 2007
  37. Leap Second, Doctor Who, Destination: Prague, Big Finish Productions Ltd., June 2007
  38. Screaming Jenny, Legends of the Mountain State: Ghostly Tales from the State of West Virginia, Woodland Press, October 2007
  39. Talking Old Solider, Espresso Fiction, October 16, 2007
  40. Popup Killer, Gratia Placenti, Apex Publications, December 1, 2007
  41. In a Country Churchyard
  42. Change of Plans, Nossa Morte #2, February 2008
  43. Overtoun Bridge
  44. Rule Number One, The Blue Religion, edited by Michael Connelly, Back Bay Books, April 14, 2008
  45. A Post-apostrophic Tale, Jack Haringa Must Die!, Merricat Publications, May 2008
  46. Groundwood
  47. The View From The Top
  48. Wake Me Up For Meals
  49. Ten Little Phobias, Afterburn SF, May 2009
  50. Charlie’s Voice, Story Station, July 2009
  51. Bed & Breakfast, New Love Stories, Fall 2009
  52. A Murder of Vampires
  53. Knock ’em Dead
  54. Silvery Moon
  55. Purgatory Noir, When the Night Comes Down, Dark Arts Press, March 2010
  56. The Fingernail Test, Close Encounters of the Urban Kind, April 2010
  57. Zombies on a Plane,
  58. Centralia is Still Burning
  59. The Bank Job, Thin Ice, Level Best Books, November 2010
  60. Chain Reaction, New Scientist’s CultureLab, December 2010
  61. It Is the Tale
  62. Matthias Comes Home From the War, AE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review, 2011
  63. Red Planet, Evolve Two – Vampire Stories of the Future Undead, Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy, August 2011
  64. Blue Plume, The Mothman Files, September 2011
  65. The Crane House (round robin novella), Cemetery Dance, April 2012
  66. The Case of the Tell-tale Black Cat of Amontillado (with Zombies and an Ourang-Outang), The Spirit of Poe, Literary Landmark Press, 2012
  67. Therapy
  68. Sitting Up with the Dead
  69. Severance Package, Shivers VII, Cemetery Dance Publications,  August 2013
  70. Road Rage, Chilling Tales 2: In Words Alas Drown I, Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy, Fall 2013
  71. The Honey Trap
  72. Phantosmia, AE Micro 2014, April 2014
  73. The Boy in the White Sheet, October Dreams II, March 2015
  74. The Bottle of Red Zinfandel, Sci Phi Journal, Issue 6, 2015
  75. Phase Shift, X-files: The Truth Is Out There, March 2016
  76. Truth or Dare?, Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, Necon E-books, July 2017
  77. Pain-Man, Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, July/August 2017
  78. The Halloween Tree, Halloween Carnival: Volume Four, Random House, October 24, 2017
  79. Sticky Business,  Snowbound: The Best New England Crime Stories 2017Level Best Books, November 2017
  80. The Illusion, The Shadow Over Deathlehem, Grinning Skull Press, December 2017
  81.  Aeliana
  82. The Shrieking Woman, Shivers VIII, Cemetery Dance Publications, 2018
  83. Ray and the Martian, TBA , June 2018
  84. In The Box, TBA, 2018
  85. The Patience of Kane, TBA, 2019

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