Anthologies containing my stories

“The Halloween Tree”

“Truth or Dare?”

“Sticky Business”


“Phase Shift”

“The Boy in the White Sheet”

“The Honey Trap”

“Road Rage”

“Severance Package”

“Sitting Up with the Dead”


“The Case of the Tell-tale Black Cat of Amontillado (with Zombies and an Ourang-Outang)”

“Blue Plume”

“Red Planet”

“It is the Tale”

“The Bank Job”
“Centralia is Still Burning”
“Zombies on a Plane”

“The Fingernail Test”

“A Murder of Vampires”

“The View from the Top”


“A Post-Apostrophic Tale”

“Rule Number One”

“Overtoun Bridge”

“Popup Killer

“Screaming Jenny”

“Leap Second”

“Sturm und Drang”
“False Witness”

“The Deer of St. Bart’s”

“The Garden of Earthly Delights”

“The Smell of Fear”

“Kane’s Mutiny”

“What David Was Doing When the Lights Went Out”

“One of those Weeks”

“Something in Store”
“Harming Obsession”
“Ghost Ship”

“The Short, Sad Life of a Blue Ceramic Bowl”

“Harming Obsession”

“Before the Fall”

“One of Those Weeks”

“The Lady of Lost Lake”

A Round-Robin Story

A Round-Robin Story

“The Illusion”


“Six Marketing Myths”

“Red Dragon”


“The Genius Fallacy”

“Living in a Web of Mystery”


Interview with Stephen King and Richard Chizmar


  • “24-hour Psycho”