With an ‘E’

There’s been a fair amount of controversy and negative reviews accompanying the new CBC / Netflix version of Anne of Green Gables, called Anne with an ‘E,’  but we really liked it. It diverges from the novel’s storyline at a number of points, and it certainly presents a darker version of the story, but it feels honest and realistic. Anne’s past in the orphanage was traumatic, and she has the occasional issue dealing with it. Her transition into school life in her new environment isn’t smooth, and she is faced with a number of issues that confront teenagers during any era. The acting is top-notch, and it comes with a jaunty set of opening credits set to “Ahead by a Century” by The Tragically Hip. Fine cinematography and scenery. We are eagerly awaiting the second season.

I’m glad I watched the original Twin Peaks and Fire Walk with Me recently before tackling the new season of Twin Peaks. I would have been mightily lost otherwise. Blue Rose? The ring. The talking tree (okay, that one was just messed up, and there’s apparently a real-world story behind why “the arm,” also known as the little dancing man, is now represented this way), etc. But it all makes perfect sense now. Well, as much sense as one might expect. Lynch has managed to recapture the feeling of the show and prequel movie very well, and add some new viewing experiences as well.

Speaking of the talking tree: as with everything else in the Black Lodge, its dialog is captioned. I swear when it said “2-5-7” the captions read “2-5-3.” I wonder if that means something.

I was intrigued by the fact that the opening credits started with the casting director and that the actors themselves weren’t named until the closing credits, but I guess that was to keep the identity of some of the new (and returning) cast members a secret. I liked the way the subtle image of Laura Palmer is hidden in the mist at the very opening of the credits. Blink and you’d miss it.

There is a lot of strange shit going on here, and not much of it is taking place in Twin Peaks itself so far. After four episodes, the weirdest thing happening there is Doctor Jacobi spray-painting a bunch of shovels (gold? I can’t tell—my poor color perception defeats me in situations like that). I wonder who the billionaire is behind the mysterious viewing chamber in New York. It’s a little sad to see some of the returning cast members, a couple of whom have passed away since filming, but it was good to see David Duchovny again.

Kyle Maclachlan looks like he’s having a blast playing several different versions of Cooper, including one who is reminiscent of rain main. His reaction to peeing for the first time was hilarious. The show occasionally tests your patience—the cameo by Michael Cera was only a few minutes, but it seemed interminable—but I’m along for the ride to see where they plan to take us. I’m also enjoying the musical performances at the end of each episode: the Chromatics and Au Revoir Simone. Trippy stuff.

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