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Saratoga Payback by Stephen Dobyns Saratoga Payback 
by Stephen Dobyns

When retired detective Charlie Bradshaw finds the murdered body of an acquaintance in his front yard, he feels compelled to investigate.
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Ill Will by Dan Chaon Ill Will 
by Dan Chaon

Nearly thirty years ago, four adults were murdered and Dustin's adopted older brother Rusty was convicted. Now Rusty has been absolved and memories must be reexplored.
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Ararat by Christopher Golden Ararat 
by Christopher Golden

The discovery of what appears to be Noah's Ark brings an international team to the frigid altitudes of Mount Ararat, where they discover something sinister.
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Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough Behind Her Eyes 
by Sarah Pinborough

When the man Louise flirts with at a bar turns out to be her new boss, her life is turned upside down. Then she befriends the boss's wife.
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Quicksand by Henning Mankell Quicksand 
by Henning Mankell

The Swedish crime-writer who created Wallander reflects on his life and on humanity in general after receiving a cancer diagnosis.
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In Sunlight or in Shadow edited by Lawrence Block In Sunlight or in Shadow 
edited by Lawrence Block

An anthology inspired by the artwork of Edward Hopper featuring stories from the usual suspects and some unexpected contributors. 
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Rather Be the Devil by Ian Rankin Rather Be the Devil 
by Ian Rankin

Are the beating of a crime lord and the decades-old murder of a socialite connected? Though retired, Rebus can't help but investigate. 
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The Girl from Venice by Martin Cruz Smith The Girl from Venice 
by Martin Cruz Smith

A fisherman from the Lido rescues a young woman from the lagoon during the final days of the German occupation of Italy. 
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The Wrong Side of Goodbye by Michael Connelly

The Wrong Side of Goodbye 
by Michael Connelly

Harry Bosch works two cases in parallel, one as a private detective and one as a volunteer for a local PD.
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I Am Providence by Nick Mamatas I Am Providence 
by Nick Mamatas

Who murdered and disfigured Panossian at the Summer Tentacular, an H. P. Lovecraft convention in Providence? The dead author isn't sure... 
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Hap and Leonard by Joe R. Lansdale

Hap and Leonard 
by Joe R. Lansdale

A collection of novellas and stories about two of the author's most famous and colorful characters.
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Revolver by Duane Swierczynski

by Duane Swierczynski

Three generations of theWalczak family are affected by a shooting that happened fifty years ago in a Philadelphia dive bar.
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What We Become by Arturo Pérez-Reverte

What We Become 
by Arturo Pérez-Reverte

A gentleman thief and a beautiful woman cross paths at three different times in their lives in this tale of tangos, chess and intrigue.
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Rise the Dark by Michael Koryta

Rise the Dark 
by Michael Koryta

Marcus Novak's pursuit of the man who murdered his wife takes him to Big Sky country to confront a group of domestic terrorists.
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Disappearance at Devil's Rock 
by Paul Tremblay

Marcus Novak's pursuit of the man who murdered his wife takes him to Big Sky country to confront a group of domestic terrorists.
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