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Adams, Douglas: The Salmon of Doubt

Abbott, Megan: 

Albom, Mitch: The Five People You Meet in Heaven

Archer, Jeffrey: To Cut a Long Story Short

Atkinson, Kate:

Atlee, Gwyneth: Against the Odds


Bachman, Richard: Blaze

Baldacci, David: FaceOff

Barclay, Linwood: 

Barry, Dave: Big Trouble

Benson, Amber: The Witches of Echo Park

Berendt, John: City of Falling Angels

Black, Benjamin: The Black-Eyed Blonde

Blake, Mark: Comfortably Numb

Block, Lawrence: 

Bondurant, Matt: The Third Translation

Bradbury, Ray: 

Braffet, Kelly: Save Yourself

Brewer, Gene: 

Brite, Poppy Z.

Brookins, Carl: Inner Passages

Brown, Dan: 

Bruen, Ken: Cross

Burke, Alafair: 

Burke, James Lee: 


Cain, Chelsea: 

Cain, James M.: The Complete Crime Stories

Caldwell, Ian: The Rule of Four (with Dustin Thomason)

Carey, Peter: 

le Carré, John: Our Kind of Traitor

Carrell, Jennifer Lee: Interred With Their Bones

Carroll, Jonathan: 

Castle, Richard: Heat Wave

Chabon, Michael (editor): McSweeney's Mammoth Treasury of Thrilling Tales

Chaon, Dan:

Child, Lincoln: Cemetery Dance (with Douglas Preston)

Clancy, Tom: The Bear and the Dragon 

Clegg, Douglas: The Hour Before Dark

Coben, Harlen: No Second Chance

Cole, Mason James: Buster Voodoo

Connolly, John:

Connelly, Michael:

Coonts, Stephen: 

Crais, Robert: Hostage

Crichton, Michael

Cronin, Justin: 

Cussler, Clive:

Cutter, Nick: The Troop


Danielewski, Mark Z.: House of Leaves

Darnton, John: Black & White and Dead All Over

Datlow, Ellen: The Best Horror of the Year, Volume Six (editor)

Dawson, George: Life is So Good (with Richard Glaubman)

Delaney, Frank: The Matchmaker of Kenmare

Dexter, Colin: The Remorseful Day

Dobyns, Stephen: 

Donaldson, Stephen R.: 

Dooling, Richard:

Downie Jr., Leonard: The Rules of the Game


Eco, Umberto: 

Egan, Jennifer: The Keep

Evanovich, Janet (with Lee Goldberg): 


Ferris, Joshua: To Rise Again at a Decent Hour

Fitzstephen, Owen: Hammett Unwritten

Flagg, Fannie: 

Flynn, Gillian: Gone Girl


Gaiman, Neil (editor): Stories: All New Tales

Galbraith, Robert (J.K. Rowling): 

Garner, James: The Garner Files

Gardiner, Meg: 

Gerritsen, Tess:

Goldberg, Lee (with Janet Evanovich): 

Golden, Christopher: 

Goldsborough, Robert: 

Gores, Joe: Spade & Archer

Gorman, Ed: Riders on the Storm

Graedon, Alena: The Word Exchange

Grahame-Smith, Seth: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Griffiths, Elly: The Janus Stone

Grisham, John:

Grodstein, Lauren: The Explanation for Everything

Groff, Lauren: The Monsters of Templeton

Grossman, Lev: Codex


Hackman, Gene: Wake of the Perdido Star(with Daniel Lenihan)

Hall, James W.: Rough Draft

Hamilton, Steve: Exit Strategy

Hammett, Dashiell: 

Harper, Paul: Pacific Heights

Harrigan, Stephen: Challenger Park

Harris, Thomas

Hawk, Rhodi: A Twisted Ladder

Hay, Sheridan: The Secret of Lost Things

Hearon, Shelby: Ella in Bloom

Hely, Steve: How I Became a Famous Novelist

Hiaasen, Carl:

Higashino, Keigo:

Hill, Joe: 

Hillerman, Tony: The Wailing Wind

Hogan, Chuck: 

Hunter, Evan: Candyland (with Ed McBain)

Hurley, Andrew Michael: The Loney

Huston, Charlie: 


Ishiguro, Kazuo: Never Let Me Go


James, Dean: 

James, P.D.: 

John, Elton: Love is the Cure

Johnson, Craig: Spirit of Steamboat

Joyce, Graham: 


Kaplow, Robert: Who's Killing the Great Writers of America?

Karr, Mary: Cherry

Kaufman, Thomas: Drink the Tea

Kaysen, Susanna: The Camera My Mother Gave Me

Kellerman, Jonathan and Faye: Double Homicide

Kellerman, Jonathan:

King, Owen: 

King, Stephen

King, Tabitha: Candles Burning (with Michael McDowell)

Kirino, Natsuo

Klein, Joe: The Running Mate

Koch, Herman: The Dinner

Konrath, J.A.:

Koontz, Dean: 

Koryta, Michael: 

Kostova, Elizabeth: The Historian



Langan, Sarah: The Missing  

Lansdale, Joe R.: 

Larson, Erik: Dead Wake

Larsson, Stieg: 

Laymon, Richard: The Traveling Vampire Show  

Lehane, Dennis: 

Lenihan, Daniel: Wake of the Perdido Star (with Gene Hackman) 

Leonard, Elmore: 

Lescroart, John: 

Lindsay, Jeff: 

Lindsey, David:  Lippman, Laura: I'd Know You Anywhere

Liss, David: The Day of Atonement


Maberry, Jonathan: Ghost Road Blues

MacLean, Nancy: Mutually Assured Destruction

Mankell, Henning: Quicksand

Marshall, Michael: 

Marwood, Alex: The Killer Next Door 

Mason, Nick: Inside Out

Matheson, Richard: Hunted Past Reason

Mayle, Peter: The Vintage Caper

Mayor, Archer:

McBain, Ed

McCammon, Robert R: 

McCarthy, Cormac: The Road

McCoy, Nancy: Butterflies Do Not Sleep in Hot Tubs

McCrery, Nigel: Still Waters

McDowell, Michael: Candles Burning (with Tabitha King)

McEwan, Ian:

McGrath, Patrick: Trauma

McLarty, Ron: The Memory of Running

McLean, Stuart: Revenge of the Vinyl Cafe

McMurtry, Larry: The Last Kind Words Saloon

Morrell, David: The Spy Who Came for Christmas

Mosley, Walter: 

Munroe, Randall: What If?

Murakami, Haruki:


Nesbø, Jo: 

Nesser, Håkan: Mind's Eye


Oates, Joyce Carol: The Doll-Master and Other Tales of Terror

O'Nan, Stewart

Ondaatje, Michael: The Cat's Table


Palahniuk, Chuck: Tell All

Palin, Michael: The Truth

Parker, Robert B.: 

Parker, I. J.: The Masuda Affair

Patterson, James: Roses are Red

Patterson, Richard North: 

Pearl, Matthew: 

Pearson, Ridley: 

Pelecanos, George P.: 

Penzler, Otto: The Best American Mystery Stories 1999 (editor)

P?rez-Reverte, Arturo: 

Piccirilli, Tom: 

Pinborough, Sarah: 

Pizzolatto, Nic: Galveston

Plantinga, Adam: 400 Things Cops Know

Preston, Douglas: Cemetery Dance (with Lincoln Child)

Pronzini, Bill: Spook

Psaltis, Doug and Michael: The Seasoning of a Chef




Rankin, Ian

Reichs, Kathy: Cross Bones

Reid, Arthur: The Storyteller

Richards, David Adams: Friends of Meager Fortune

Robinson, Peter: Bad Boy  

Ross, Adam: Mr. Peanut

Roth, Philip: The Plot Against America

Rowling, J.K. (writing as Robert Galbraith):


Sager, Riley: Final Girls

Sanderson, Mark: Snow Hill

SanGiovanni, Mary: The Fading Place

Sarrantonio, Al (editor): 

Sebold, Alice: The Lovely Bones

Shannon, Harry: Memorial Day

Simmons, Dan

Sissel, Barbara Taylor: The Last Innocent Hour

Slade, Michael:

Slaughter, Karin: 

Smith, Alexander McCall: 

Smith, Martin Cruz: 

Smith, Scott: The Ruins

Stark, Richard: Flashfire

Straub, Emma: 

Straub, Peter:

Swain, James: The Night Monster

Duane Swierczynski, Duane: Revolver


Tan, Amy: The Bonesetter's Daughter

Tartt, Donna: The Goldfinch

Teller, Joseph: The Tenth Case

Thomason, Dustin: The Rule of Four (with Ian Caldwell)

Thor, Brad: The Last Patriot

Todd, Charles: Hunting Shadows

Tolkien, Simon: The Inheritance

Tremblay, Paul: 

Turow, Scott: Innocent


Updike, John: Terrorist


Vance, Lee: Restitution

Vandermeer, Jeff: The Southern Reach Trilogy


Wambaugh, Joseph: 

Weinman, Sarah (ed.): Troubled Daughters, Twisted Wives

Weller, Sam: Ray Bradbury: The Last Interview: And other Conversations

Wendig, Chuck: Zer0es

White, Randy Wayne: Twelve Mile Limit

Williams, Walter Jon: This is Not a Game

Wilson, Daniel H.: 

Winslow, Don: 

Winter, Douglas E.: Run

Winthrop, Elizabeth Hartley: Fireworks 

Wolfe, Tom: I Am Charlotte Simmons

Wroblewski, David: The Story of Edgar Sawtelle




Yoshida, Shuichi: Villain



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