Held back

The Closer is back on TNT. I was interested to see how they handled the cliffhanger from the end of last season. They simply skipped ahead without going through any of the handwringing or agonizing over the fate of a wounded character.

I liked this week’s episode of Burn Notice much better than last week’s. The tone felt right again, and I was glad to see how things evolved between Michael and Fi. Getting them out of Moonlighting-ville. Hopefully they won’t do as they’ve done before, which is to almost pretend that it didn’t happen.

The preview of CSI made it look like Brass was yelling at the new guy played by Laurence Fishburne, but that was misleading, perhaps deliberately so. It was hilarious when the female “FBI agent” asked him if he had been “held back” when he told her he was a level one. This week’s show is the kind that would benefit from a second viewing after crucial information was revealed late in the episode. It gives a different spin to things, like the scene where the male “FBI agent” gives Brass a strange look when he is called in to assist an interrogation and recites the RICO statues.

I finished Chapter 8 this morning, which means that the bulk of the text is done. All twelve chapters, an intro, and a conclusion. All that remains is to prepare a set of sidebars, some of which I’ve done already. By the end of the weekend I should have a complete first draft. January has been NaBoWriMo for me (National Book Writing Month). February will be all about editing. I’m going to see my draft’s shadow and there will be three more weeks of revisions.

Anyone have any experience with commercial CMS packages for web site development? A colleague of mine is looking for something more or less turnkey with good historical management and strong workflow implementation.

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