Stephen King Biography

A while back, I sat down for a lengthy interview with a producer working for Biography Channel International. They were updating their Stephen King biography, which was a decade out of date, and wanted to add some new faces to the mix. Lisa Rogak and I fit the bill. I spent three hours answering questions based on what I wrote in The Stephen King Illustrated Companion. I figured they might use five or ten seconds of all that footage—and the five or ten seconds where I said something ill advised or ill considered.

I received a DVD copy of the finished product. They actually used quite a bit of the new footage. And where else will I get to share the screen with people like Johnny Depp and John Cusak? In fact, it might be my only opportunity to be on television. This version is for the international market only, so I don’t expect to accidentally stumble across myself on TV while flipping channels.

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