Happy square root day

square root dayToday, 03/03/09, is designated a square root day. The day and month are the roots of the two-digit year. This is soon to be followed by the upcoming π day, which is March 14 (3.14). The math geek in me is obligated to say that at 9:26 on March 14 in 1915 it would have been 3.1415926….

Segueing into The Big Bang Theory, which was pretty hilarious last night. The episodes that focus on Sheldon’s insane foibles tend to be among the funniest. We all know that he has a “spot.” Now we know what happens when his personal space is disrupted. The show treats its characters pretty fairly, too. Walowitz got his last night! I wonder who plays the voice of his mother.

Last night’s two-hour episode of 24 was among the tensest that I’ve seen on that show. There’s been some pretty clever plotting this season—the incident with the first husband led to the first daughter being on the premises for last night’s crisis, which played right into the commandos’ hands.

I’m almost done with the long book review I’m working on for Cemetery Dance. I finally figured out how to wrap it all up into a meaningful package, I hope. I want to edit it this evening and get it out the door to them so I can move on to the next thing on my cram-packed to-do list.

Received the contracts for another as-yet unannounced project last night. This is shaping up to be a very busy year.

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