The heat is on

March in TexasIt’s almost April and we have the heat running. It’s going to be down as low as 40° tonight. In Texas. A cold front stormed through late yesterday afternoon–there were reports of hail in some areas, variously reported as golf-ball sized and soft-ball sized. We didn’t see any of that around here, though. We’ve had the heat turned off for several weeks, so the house was a tad chilly this morning. It’s back on now, for at least the next day or so.

I received my contributor copies from Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine yesterday. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. I’m in EQ! Hard to fathom sometimes.

I’ll have more news about the project I haven’t been talking about lately. My editor heard from the other editor and the manuscript is accepted as is, so the brunt of the work is done. I’ll still have some captions to write at some point and, presumably, some proofreading. The book packager has the project listed on their web site, so it is out there, sort of, but I’m waiting until I have a bigger version of the cover image and some more details nailed down before the big reveal.

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