A different kind of vanity This is the first full review I’ve seen for Tesseracts Thirteen. The punch line: “hands down recommendation from me on Tesseracts 13. Whatever it takes to get this collection in your hands….you will not be disappointed!”

Had to work late last night for a video conference with my colleagues in Japan. The time difference plays havoc with scheduling things like that. It was 7 p.m. for us and 8 a.m. for them. Video conferences have really made our lives easier, though. In the past one group or the other would have had to travel for 14 hours and suffer jet leg to have this type of meeting, so the inconvenience is minor by comparison. With another group, since there’s only me involved from the US end, I have the meetings on my home PC using skype and GoToMeeting.

I went to Borders at lunchtime today to buy a magazine. First time I’ve been in a brick & mortar store for quite a while. I find it impossible to visit one without checking to see if they have The Road to the Dark Tower on the shelf. They did. Almost five years after publication, and it’s still there. Still a first printing, too, I observe.

Received my subscriber copy of Cemetery Dance #61 in the mail yesterday, a couple of weeks after I got my contributor copies.

Lots of drama (i.e. yelling and screaming) on Big Brother this summer, mostly involving Russel and Chima. Since they both insist on having the last word–even if it’s the same word they’ve been yelling at each other for the past ten minutes–which makes their arguments get old and boring pretty fast. Getting rid of Russel would definitely lower the drama quotient in the house, and I guess if you live there 24/7 there might be something to that, but I like the way Jeff is thinking. Putting up Jessie and Natalie at the last moment and forcing a vote against one of those two would shake things up. I think Kevin did the right thing with the POV, too. No telling who might have been put up as the replacement nominee, which is an aspect of the situation that he didn’t seem to consider.

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