And I didn’t know it

Somewhere in Atlanta there’s a guy who was staggering home after an all-night bender. He’s in rough shape, folks. Can barely stay on his feet. His breath smells like a brewery and his clothes reek of cigarette smoke. He lurches around a corner, disoriented. This is the way home, right? Oh, man, my head. Then, what to his wondering eyes should appear? A zebra. Smack dab in the middle of Atlanta. “Holy crap,” he says. “I ain’t never drinking again.”

There’s a book trailer up on the 23 House page for Dead Set, their forthcoming zombie anthology. The release date is April and preorders are being offered at a 10% discount with free shipping. The anthology contains my story “Zombies on a Plane,” as well as new fiction by Lee Thomas, Harry Shannon, Nate Southard, Lisa Mannetti, Steve Wedel and a bunch of others.

The revised version of the poem I mentioned yesterday was accepted for publication — my first ever professionally published poem. The editor hasn’t made any announcements, so I won’t mention the market yet, but it’s a cool one.

Lots of Olympic excitement yesterday. Torah Bright won a gold medal for Australia in the women’s half-pipe snowboarding competition after performing a switch backside 720. Scarecrow Joe is impressed. Canada beat Switzerland in men’s hockey in a tense shoot-out after the Swiss tied the game late. The USA women’s curling team lost again on the final rock of the 10th end.

I came up with a potential market for the 5000-word caper I mentioned yesterday. I have to spruce it up a little, but I should have it ready to submit this weekend.

Boston Rob’s collapse on Survivor wasn’t as bad as it looked, I guess. I wonder who decided that it wasn’t life threatening enough for the camera crew to attempt CPR while awaiting the medical team. He bounced back quickly and took charge during the immunity challenge. Who would have guessed that the Heroes would be the team to fall apart because of feuding and bickering and that the Villains would get along so well, for the most part. I liked James during his first appearance but he must be suffering ‘roid rage or something this year. I suspect his days are numbered if he keeps rocking the boat like he is.

Regarding Private Practice: at last someone had the gumption to tell these adults to act like adults. Kudos to Dell for telling Sam to “try harder” and for Sam to take the message to heart and dress Naomi down for her childish behavior. I was seriously considering abandoning the show to watch Romper Room instead.

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