A different kind of sound

An audio version of my short story “Silvery Moon,” which can also be found in When the Night Comes Down, is now available for your listening pleasure at Tales to Terrify, the same people who brought you recordings of the Stoker-nominated short fiction over the past couple of weeks. This week’s installment also has flash fiction by Tim Lebbon and other features. Check it out!

After approximately fifty e-mail messages back and forth and several go/no-go scheduling changes, I finally got the last interview for my next book in the can last night. And it was well worth the wait. Got some great stuff. I spent the rest of the evening transcribing the 25-minute interview. I wish I could talk more about what I learned, but you’ll have to wait for the book, which should be out in April 2013.

I watched Justified this morning while I had breakfast. Finally, the hidden gun comes into play. Quarles certainly doesn’t mind getting down and dirty when he needs to. This show has some of the greatest bizarre scenes ever, like the guy who was chained to the toilet on his hands and knees, trying to escape as Wynn Duffy and friend sit on the bed and watch. I also really like how secondary characters get built so vividly, like Lindsay, the woman from the bar where Raylan’s staying. And Art. “Some asshole threatened to kill one of my deputies. I’m the only that gets to do that. Rachel: new career = field goal kicker. Adam Arkin has been playing some great dirtbags lately—most recently on Sons of Anarchy. I think I might have liked it a tad better if they hadn’t shown Boyd in the background while Quarles was on the phone. Ruined the gotcha moment slightly, though the taser was a nice touch. “You ever get the feeling God’s laughing at you?

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