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Pining for the fjords

I haven’t read a Dean Koontz novel in quite a while. The last one, I believe, was From the Corner of His Eye, and I was not impressed. However, when NetGalley offered a proof of The City, I decided to … Continue reading

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Necon 34: On Lovecraft’s trail

Back from Necon. People ask me how many times I’ve gone, and I’m not entirely sure of the answer. I believe my first time was in 2003, the year I had a story accepted to Borderlands 5. I went six … Continue reading

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Orange is the new POTA

We were in a drought for so many summers here that we’ve almost forgotten what “normal” is like. Normal in Texas is temperatures in the high 90s / lower 100s with a 30% chance of rain every afternoon, which translates … Continue reading

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What I did on my summer vacation

Necon—which we regulars call “Camp Necon”—is coming up. It’s my writer’s vacation retreat each most years, and I’m very much looking forward to it. I won’t be on any panels (I was scheduled for one, but it conflicted with my … Continue reading

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Movies and TV, oh my

We saw Jon Favreau’s new film, Chef, last weekend. A cute flick. Favreau wrote, directed and starred as the chef who works in a restaurant owned by Dustin Hoffman. He gets into a social media tiff with a food critic … Continue reading

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Welcome to Haven

While we were on vacation in the Maritime provinces last week, my daughter and I had the chance to visit the set of the Syfy TV series Haven, which is a loose adaptation of King’s Hard Case Crime novel, The Colorado … Continue reading

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Non-stop action

We watched the second season of Derek this weekend. Only six episodes, which we divided over two nights. Sad to see Dougie go in the first episode, but apparently the actor was terribly uncomfortable acting with other people, which explains … Continue reading

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In the First

I published a couple of reviews last weekend, one for a book I enjoyed, and one for a book that I struggled to finish. I leave it to you to deduce which was which: One Kick by Chelsea Cain or Robogenesis by Daniel H. … Continue reading

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Your words, another voice

There’s a particular pleasure in revisiting a story that you haven’t read in a while. A couple of weekends ago, I read “Sturm und Drang” from A Dark and Deadly Valley to my wife. I’m not sure that I’ve read the story … Continue reading

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As time goes by

Another year older, another year wiser, mayhaps. I received my copy of CD #71 yesterday, the one that contains my feature review of Mr. Mercedes. On the same day as the book was published, no less. Good timing, or what? … Continue reading

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