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Things I learned from CSI: MoCo

*+-My latest Stephen King Revisited essay went live today. It’s called “Only Death Can Keep You from the Finish Line,” and it’s about the history of The Long Walk. I went down to Murder By the Book in Houston last … Continue reading

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What. Did We. Just See?

*+-I did a Skype interview yesterday afternoon for the Ka-tet podcast. My interviewer was located in Australia, so it was Monday morning (quite early) for him. We talked for about 35-40 minutes about many Dark Tower topics. The podcast will … Continue reading

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Spring has sprung

*+-There’s never any doubt around here when spring has officially arrived. All of a sudden everything is coated in yellow-green pollen. When I leave work in the afternoon, it streams up my windshield like tiny hailstones. I can see my … Continue reading

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Second best

*+-Saturday was an unexpectedly nice day. We had a 9 a.m. meeting at the town center and afterward decided to go see The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel at a matinee. The old folks are still denizens of this outsourced elder-care … Continue reading

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St. Me

*+-My interview with Maurizio Ragusa went live at Stephen King Only yesterday. The interview is also available in Italian. I speak it amazingly well. I posted my review of The Fifth Heart by Dan Simmons, and I submitted a longer piece that attacks … Continue reading

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The Night People

*+-This is how crazy it can be in Texas. At the moment it is flirting with 80°. When I get up for my writing session tomorrow it will be on the way to the predicted low of 25° and it … Continue reading

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A life is like a garden

*+-As we get older, death becomes a more familiar companion. Certainly not a welcome one, but familiar all the same. I didn’t come to Star Trek early in life, mostly because where I grew up we only had one television … Continue reading

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*+-You get a rejection letter where you were thisclose to cracking the table of contents. You have to withdraw another story from a longstanding project because it was starting to circle the drain. These things are part of a writer’s … Continue reading

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Dissonant Harmonies

*+-Seven or eight years ago, Brian Keene and I first bandied about the idea of collaborating on a project. Our motivation was a shared habit of listening to music while we write and writing about listening to music while we … Continue reading

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I don’t know what to dream any more

*+-I finished the first draft of my novella last weekend. It came in at just over 38,000 words. I also dictated the remaining section into Word, so now it’s all digitized. I made one quick pass through to fix up … Continue reading

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