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What. Did We. Just See?

-+*I did a Skype interview yesterday afternoon for the Ka-tet podcast. My interviewer was located in Australia, so it was Monday morning (quite early) for him. We talked for about 35-40 minutes about many Dark Tower topics. The podcast will … Continue reading

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St. Me

-+*My interview with Maurizio Ragusa went live at Stephen King Only yesterday. The interview is also available in Italian. I speak it amazingly well. I posted my review of The Fifth Heart by Dan Simmons, and I submitted a longer piece that attacks … Continue reading

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Put a tiger in your tank

-+*I usually try to watch the Grammy Awards, if for no other reason than to catch up on new artists I’m not familiar with, but also to see some of the Great Old Ones show that they still have it. … Continue reading

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How the (Dominic) West Was Won

-+*We’ve been mostly staying indoors, cooking, eating and watching movies and videos for the past several days. Yesterday was a good one to stay in—it rained solidly all day long. No complaints; we can always use more rain around here. … Continue reading

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In Xanadu did Kubla(i) Khan

-+*I’m sure there are movies that have a greater disparity between the critics’ score and the audience score, but I haven’t heard of one. Netflix’ Marco Polo, a 10-part drama about the explorer’s first years in Mongolia as a “guest” of … Continue reading

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A byte out of the apple

-+*I am very pleased by Obama’s decision to normalize relations with Cuba. The embargo is as old as I am, and I think time tells us that it hasn’t worked. It impoverished the target nation, but it did virtually nothing … Continue reading

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The Wild Trail

-+*We saw a couple of good movies this weekend. First was Wild, starring Reese Witherspoon. It’s about a young woman who went a little nuts after her single mother dies of cancer who decides to purge herself and get life … Continue reading

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A Capitol Weekend

-+*My second contribution to Stephen King Revisited went live today: Second Coming, my historical essay about ‘Salem’s Lot. We had a getaway weekend in Austin. The weather wasn’t great, so we didn’t get out and about all that much, but … Continue reading

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The truth is out there

-+*One of the rules I’ve learned in the writing biz is that he who hesitates might miss out on opportunities. I heard last week about an editor who had a couple of open slots in a themed anthology. He was … Continue reading

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First World Problems

-+*When my daughter and I visited the Haven set, we saw a couple of other actors that we weren’t allowed to talk about because their appearances hadn’t been announced yet. The first was Chris Masterson from Malcolm in the Middle, … Continue reading

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