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Why did it have to be…

Where did last week go? In fact, where did November go? It was a great week, though. My wife and I had the week off, but we had lots of work to do so it was almost like I was … Continue reading

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My name is Robert

My paternal grandmother had six sons who served in World War II. My father tried to make it seven by claiming to be older than he was, but he didn’t succeed. One of my uncles took part in the D-Day … Continue reading

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Playing with a full deck

I turned 52 yesterday. Or, as my wife likes to put it, I have a full deck for the first time. Now to start collecting those jokers. The day got off to an early start with a 6 a.m. phone … Continue reading

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We boldly went

Note: There will be spoilers herein for Doctor Who and Star Trek, all below the horizontal lines. Didn’t get a lot of writing done this weekend. We took Saturday off. Had a business meeting in the morning that lasted longer … Continue reading

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The Tao of Cho

This was one of those productive weekends when I cleared several things off my desk. And off the floor around my desk, where pressing but oft-ignored things sometimes end up. The two major items were a 1200-word essay for FEARNet, … Continue reading

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My February contribution to Storytellers Unplugged went live yesterday. It’s called¬†Social Media. I also (finally) finished my review of Ian McEwan’s Sweet Tooth¬†and got it up. A book I wanted to like more, but didn’t. I finished the first draft … Continue reading

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You know things are bad when the heroin addict thinks you’re a bad influence

I had four things I wanted to get done this weekend, and I managed to complete them all, though it was later on Sunday than I’d planned when I put the finishing touches on #3. First off, I wrote two … Continue reading

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Fringe festival

Yesterday morning we were greeted by pea soup. The kind of thick fog that we never get around here. On occasion, we’ll see fog down along the interstate corridor, or maybe in the trees, but yesterday is was so dense … Continue reading

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Vacation’s over

My long vacation is nearly at an end. I’ve been off work since the Friday before Christmas, but I have to go back for a three-day week tomorrow. Many of the daytime hours for the first week or so were … Continue reading

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A whale of a finale

I spent much of Saturday responding to a series of interview questions. The interview will appear online in January. Links will, of course, be provided. I also polished off my Storytellers Unplugged essay, “Not the time to rewrite your text,” … Continue reading

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