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Giger counter

I first encountered H.R. Giger when I was in university. As my musical world and tastes broadened, I stumbled upon Emerson, Lake and Palmer, probably at a used record store called Days of Wine and Vinyl. As I worked my … Continue reading

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In Castle Veritas

I posted my review of FaceOff, the new anthology from the ITW, at Onyx Reviews this weekend. It’s a neat concept, pairing up mystery / crime / thriller writers and their characters. Also a good way to sample the work … Continue reading

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The empress of ice cream

I submitted a short story this morning to the Elmore Leonard tribute anthology. I had a good draft finished for a while but had some feedback from a first reader that I needed to consider. I ended up making some … Continue reading

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Even vultures can fly south for the winter

Yesterday, I spent a little over an hour at the front of a classroom. My buddy Danel Olson invited me to speak to his Gothic class at a local college, something I’ve done once previously. It was a relatively small … Continue reading

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This is a world where nothing is solved

On Friday, we went to see Gordon Lightfoot at the Cullen Performance Hall at the University of Houston. I’ve never seen him live before, but growing up in Canada, he was as omnipresent as snow and moose. The hall was … Continue reading

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Lucy! I’m home!

I finished The Last Kind Words Saloon by Larry McMurtry last night. A quick read, but fun. I started The Explanation for Everything by Lauren Grodstein. The plot synopsis intrigued me: a staunchly atheist biology professor at a small NJ college (he teaches a … Continue reading

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As I recall, “Potpourri” was the title for categories on Jeopardy! that had no theme. Make of that what you will. I’ve been struggling with a short story. It’s a tad on the experimental side, and I’m probably forcing it. … Continue reading

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Tickling the ivories

My latest Storytellers Unplugged post went up this morning. It’s called Maybe I Could’ve Been a Rock Star, like this guy over here ⇒. One of my latest “claims to fame”—one of my tweets was quoted in a Guardian article about … Continue reading

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57 Channels

I had an idea for a new project a couple of days ago. I emailed my agent to see if he thinks its viable. Until I hear back from him, I’m putting together a proposal, on spec, I guess. I … Continue reading

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Chilling tales

I got a rejection e-mail last night. They still sting a little, and I felt good about this particular submission. Then a few minutes later I received the contract and proofs for my story “Road Rage,” which will appear in … Continue reading

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