Never trust an assistant with sharp objects

At 30°F, it was two degrees colder in north Houston this morning than in Montreal or Halifax. And it’s supposed to get cold again tonight.

The future doesn’t look promising for Zero Hour, the series about…what? What is it really about? I have no idea. It has Rosicrucians and dopplegangers and Einstein and clocks, lots and lots of clocks. Parents with sinister secrets and a bad guy named Vincent White. An FBI agent who’s pissed at Vincent because her husband was collateral damage in a plane crash Vincent caused, except maybe everyone else was the collateral damage and hubby was the target. A kidnapped spouse who fixes clocks and doesn’t attempt to attract attention when the kidnapper takes her to a library, but does find time to leave coded messages for her husband. A global conspiracy that dates back to WW II at least. Oh, and a secret that might destroy God. It’s a train wreck, but it’s fun. Alas, fewer people are watching it each week, so I doubt it’ll last long.

Our OnDemand service gave us a sneak peek at the first hour of the new show Red Widow, which looks to be a cross between Breaking Bad and Weeds. A woman’s husband is killed. Turns out he was involved in drugs and crossed some very bad people (Russians). She decides to make it right with them, but since the drugs he stole are still missing, she has to get involved in the drug business to keep her family safe. It wasn’t a bad episode. I’ll stick with it for a while to see how it plays out.

David Cassidy of the Partridge Family was the “guest star” on this week’s CSI in much the same way that William Shatner and Lorne Greene were “special guest stars” on Police Squad, by which I mean they were killed before the end of the opening credits. This episode took advantage of the natural suspicion of the audience toward a recognizable actor (Henry Ian Cusick from Lost playing a magician) to play a bit of sleight-of-hand with the real killer. The episode was chock full of poker and playing card puns because the killer was knocking off people who had been involved in a rigged poker game decades earlier.

After seeing Skyfall recently, I decided to back up to the first Daniel Craig Bond film, Casino Royale. Hmmm. Poker seems to be a theme this week. It was a strong film, but not quite as poignant as the newest one. The chase scene through the construction site was a little over the top but I really liked the crumbling building scene—imagine bearing witness to that. I’ve heard some fairly dire opinions about Quantum of Solace, but I’ll probably check it out some time.

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